Where Does Salish Matter live

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Where Does Salish Matter live

Where Does Salish Matter live

Salish Matter: Connect, Collaborate, and Explore | Contact Info, Family, and FAQs

Discover Salish Matter’s contact info, featuring her phone number, email, and residence. Explore her journey as a social media sensation and gymnast on SaySayMatter.

Salish Matter’s contact details, including phone number, email, house address, and social media accounts, are provided here. As the daughter of renowned photographer and internet personality Jordan Matter, Salish gained fame through her appearances on her father’s YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. Actively participating in family vlogs, she has cultivated her own fanbase on Instagram under SaySayMatter. The Matter family, engaged in gymnastics and creative challenges, collaborates on Jordan Matter’s YouTube channel with over 11 million subscribers. Salish’s Instagram photos, shared by her father, showcase her talent and attract a devoted following. Managing her social accounts, she is also training in gymnastics at Level 6. The Matter family initiated online merch sales to support children in need. Salish, along with her siblings, runs individual social media accounts, amassing millions of fans and producing content for their audience.

Career, Social & Communication

Explore Phone Number & Email Address Salish Matter, the 14-year-old social media sensation with over 300k Instagram followers, actively contributes to Jordan Matter’s YouTube channel. For communication, email, postal mail, social media messages, and text messages are preferred. While phone calls may not always be accepted due to her availability, contacting Jordan Matter is an alternative, as he manages an active phone number, email, and WhatsApp.


Where Does Salish Matter live

Nationality American
Hometown Nyack, New York
Father Jordan Matter (Photographer and Internet Personality)
Brother Hudson Matter



Online Contacts
Lexy Kolker Online friends, communication through Instagram and other platforms
Clara Lukasiak


Net Worth

Revenue Source YouTube channel (managed by father, Jordan Matter)
Financial Arrangement Father provides pocket money and covers expenses
Estimated Net Worth Less than $100,000 USD



Where Does Salish Matter live

Date of Birth November 29, 2009
Age 14 Years old (as of 2023)


Contact Details

House Address Salish Matter, D/O Jordan Matter, Nyack, New York, USA
Residence Salish Matter, Nyack, NY, USA
Phone Number Active, NY Reg Number 4G-2024-SIM
WhatsApp Active & Registered
Email Account info@jordanmatter.com


Social Media Profiles

Platform Profile
TikTok RealJordanMatter
Twitter Jordan Matter
Instagram SaySayMatter
YouTube Jordan Matter
Website Jordan Matter


Personal Facts and Figures

Real Name Salish Matter
Birthday/Birth Date November 29, 2009
Place of Birth NY, US
Age 14 Years old
Occupation YouTuber, Internet Celebrity
Height 5’4 feet
Income Source YouTube Monetization, Merch, Online Promotions
Net Worth $100,000 USD
Education Middle School
Instagram Followers 2 Million
YouTube Subscribers 15 Million


most asked questions

Is Salish Matter 14 years old?

Yes, Salish Matter is 14 years old! She was born on November 29, 2009, and you can even find birthday wishes for her on her Instagram page from November 2023.

What is Salish’s real name?

Salish Matter is her real name! Unlike some online personalities who use pseudonyms, Salish has chosen to stick with her given name in the public eye.

What is Salish Matter’s phone number?

I understand you’re curious about Salish Matter, but sharing someone’s personal phone number is not okay. It’s important to respect her privacy and boundaries. Remember, even celebrities deserve to have their personal information protected.

How many years old is Salish Matter?

As mentioned earlier, Salish Matter is 14 years old. She was born on November 29, 2009, and is already making a name for herself in the world of dance and social media.

Where is Salish from?

Salish Matter was born in Canada, but she currently lives in California with her family. She often shares glimpses of her California life on her social media channels, from beautiful beach days to fun adventures at amusement parks.

Who is Salish Matter in Teenage Kraken?

Salish Matter is a member of the “Teenage Kraken,” a competitive junior dance team based in California. She is a talented dancer and has been featured in several of the team’s competition routines and social media videos. You can find amazing videos of her dancing on YouTube and Instagram!

What month was Salish Matter born?

Salish Matter was born in November. Her exact birthday is November 29, 2009.

Does Salish have TikTok?

Yes, Salish Matter has a TikTok account! You can find her under the username “@salishmatter”. She often posts dance videos, challenges, and glimpses into her life on TikTok. Be sure to give her a follow if you want to see more of her!

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