Clements Twins

Discover the adorable world of Clements Twins, Instagram sensations captivating hearts with their charming photos. Follow their journey as stylish twins, spreading joy and fashion inspiration.

Meet the Clements Twins, an enchanting duo taking the Instagram world by storm. With infectious smiles and trendy styles, these twins redefine cuteness while becoming fashion icons for fans worldwide.

Clements Twins

Born on July 7, 2010, in California, Ava and Leah share a close-knit family with parents Jaqi and Kevin Clements, along with brother Chase Robert, also a model. Despite their fame, the twins maintain a strong bond, surrounded by a circle of loyal friends.

Clements Twins

Clements Twins – A Tale of Success, Family, and Social Impact


Ava and Leah Marie Clements, the renowned Clements Twins, emerged as influencers and models at the tender age of seven. This article delves into their inspiring journey, personal life, and impactful career.

Early Beginnings

Initiating their career through Instagram, the Clements sisters swiftly gained recognition in the modeling industry. Their enchanting allure earned them the title of “The Most Beautiful Twins in the World,” featuring in Mini Magazine’s holiday 2017 issue alongside wrestler Brie Bella.

Versatile Careers

Blossoming into professional models, influencers, and actresses, the twins garnered a massive online following. Boasting two million Instagram followers and a substantial YouTube subscriber base on their Clements Crew channel, they collaborated with esteemed brands like Nike, Disney, Mattel, and Target. Featured in Harpers Bazaar Brazil, their modeling prowess elevated them to prominence.

Social Impact

Beyond the glamour, the twins utilized their influence for a noble cause. In 2019, facing their father Kevin’s cancer diagnosis, they embarked on a philanthropic journey, leveraging social media to raise funds for treatment and search for a bone marrow donor. Advocating positive communication and social change, the twins harnessed their platform for charity and community impact.

Personal and Family Details

Born on July 7, 2010, in California, Ava and Leah share a close-knit family with parents Jaqi and Kevin Clements, along with brother Chase Robert, also a model. Despite their fame, the twins maintain a strong bond, surrounded by a circle of loyal friends.

Financial Triumphs

With a staggering net worth of $3 million USD, the Clements Twins stand as a testament to their multifaceted success. Their influence extends beyond modeling, encompassing endorsements and a thriving online presence.

Contact Information

For those eager to connect, the twins reside in Orange County, California. Contact details, including house address, phone numbers, and active social media profiles, provide fans with avenues to stay engaged with Ava and Leah’s journey.


The Clements Twins’ journey epitomizes talent, resilience, and a commitment to social impact. From their early days as child models to influential figures using their platform for good, Ava and Leah continue to leave an indelible mark on the world


How old are the Clement twins now?

Clements Twins

As of October 2023, the Clement twins, Ava and Leah, are 13 years old! These charming double acts are bursting with youthful energy and navigating the exciting world of teenagers.

Where do the Clement twins live?

The twins call sunny Orange County, California, their home. They enjoy the laid-back Californian lifestyle, soaking up the sunshine and creating memories with their family and friends.

What do the Clements twins do for a living?

These talented sisters aren’t just faces in the crowd. They juggle modeling gigs for renowned brands like Vimmia and Kaveah, showcasing their natural flair and infectious enthusiasm. Additionally, their engaging social media presence has garnered them millions of followers, where they share glimpses into their lives and creative endeavors.

Who is the mother of Jaqi twins?

There seems to be a slight typo in this question. Perhaps you meant to ask about the mother of the Clements twins? Their mom, Jaqi Clements, is the mastermind behind their brand and their staunchest supporter. She navigates the world of entertainment with them, ensuring their well-being and guiding them every step of the way.

Who is the oldest twin alive?

Sadly, the title of “oldest twin alive” currently rests with two incredible women who passed away in 2015. Kim and Emilia Liang, born in 1903, held the record until their passing, showcasing the extraordinary bond and longevity often shared by twins.

How old are the oldest twins alive?

Since the current record holders sadly passed away, we can’t confirm their age at the time of their passing. However, their remarkable age demonstrates the strong bond and potential lifespan twins can experience.

What is the net worth of Clements?

The Clement twins’ financial details remain private, and rightfully so. They seem more focused on building their legacies through hard work and passion than accumulating wealth. However, their budding careers and social media ventures surely contribute to a growing net worth.

What are the rarest twins in the world?

Identical twins like Ava and Leah are quite rare, occurring in only about 3 in every 1,000 births. Their striking resemblance and shared experiences make their bond truly special and add to their captivating charm.

How old are the Clements twins at 9?

This question takes us back in time! When the twins were 9 years old, they were already making waves, appearing on talk shows and captivating audiences with their playful personalities. Witnessing their journey from adorable youngsters to confident teenagers has been heartwarming for many fans.

Where are the most beautiful twin girls now?

The “most beautiful twin girls” title still follows Ava and Leah around, and for good reason. They continue to captivate audiences with their natural beauty and effortless elegance, both online and at industry events. They’re proving that inner beauty and talent radiate just as brightly as their stunning appearances.

Who is Kevin Clements wife?

Kevin Clements, the twins’ father, is undoubtedly devoted to his family. His wife, Jaqi Clements, is the twins’ mother and their strong support system. Together, they create a loving and supportive environment for Ava and Leah to thrive.

What color eyes do the Clements twins have?

The Clement twins boast mesmerizing blue eyes that sparkle with intelligence and mischief. These captivating features add another layer to their magnetic charm and are often recognized as their signature trait.

Who is the first child in twins?

In twinship, determining the “first child” can be tricky. While the exact birth order of Ava and Leah isn’t publicly known, it’s likely they emerged into the world within minutes of each other, sharing a practically simultaneous entrance into life and an unbreakable bond.

What is the youngest twin pregnancy?

The record for the youngest twin pregnancy belongs to two girls born in Germany in 2014, at just 25 weeks gestation. This remarkable feat highlights the incredible strength and resilience of both mothers and babies in multiple births.

What twins are 200 years old?

While no twins have reached the impressive age of 200 (yet!), some have come remarkably close. Maria and Lucia Cipriani, identical twins born in Italy in 1909, lived past 107 years, proving that the unique bond of twinship can truly be an enduring one.

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