Txunamy Phone Number, House Address, Email , Social Media Accounts and Biography

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Txunamy Phone Number, House Address, Email , Social Media Accounts and Biography

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16-year-old Txunamy Ortiz is making her mark on the entertainment world. This actress, fashion enthusiast, and social media star has already amassed a $1 million net worth and gained fame through TV shows like “Chicken Girls” and “Mani.”

Txunamy’s journey began in 2014 when her mom set up an Instagram account. Soon, she moved to TikTok, where her fun videos and posts started grabbing attention. This led to acting roles in shows like “Sugar” and “Disney Princess Remixed,” followed by supporting parts in the popular web series “Chicken Girls” and “Mani.”

With her talent, charm, and dedication, Txunamy is an inspiration to many. Her commitment to promoting gender equality adds another layer to her accomplishments. This young star’s future in the entertainment industry looks bright!

Txunamy Phone Number, House Address, Email , Social Media Accounts and Biography


Information Details
New Phone Number 014377684
2nd Phone Number 014377684
Old Phone Number +1(618)708-3273
WhatsApp Number 014377684
House Address California
Email Id Teamtxunamy@gmail.com
Instagram Id @txunamy
Current Instagram followers 5 Million
Facebook page Txunamy
Current Facebook followers 21K
Twitter Id @txunamy
Current Twitter followers 11K
YouTube Channel Txunamy Ortiz
Current YouTube Subscribers 4.2 Million (All Channels Combined)
TikTok Account @txunamy
Current TikTok followers 3.5 Million



What is the real name of Txunamy?

An image of Txunamy

Txunamy’s real name is Txunamy Ortiz.

What does Txunamy Ortiz play in?

Txunamy Ortiz has acted in various projects, including television shows like “Sugar,” “Disney Princess Remixed – An Ultimate Princess Celebration,” “Chicken Girls,” and “Mani.”

Is Txunamy a Japanese name?

No, Txunamy is not a Japanese name. Its origin is unclear, but it’s not typically associated with Japanese culture.

Can Txunamy speak Spanish?

Yes, Txunamy Ortiz is bilingual and speaks fluent Spanish.

How do you pronounce Txunamy in English?

The pronunciation of Txunamy varies depending on personal preference. However, a common pronunciation is “tsoo-NAH-mee.”

How many followers does Txunamy have?

As of February 10, 2024, Txunamy’s combined follower count across major platforms is estimated to be over 8 million, with over 4.8 million on Instagram alone.

What is Esthalla Ortiz real name?

Esthalla Ortiz’s real name is also Esthalla Ortiz. Her stage name or social media alias is simply her actual name.

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