KidBehindACamera Phone Number, Bio Email and Social Media accounts

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KidBehindACamera Phone Number, Bio Email and Social Media accounts

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Michael Green, better known online as KidBehindACamera, has come a long way since his early days filming his infamous “Angry Grandpa” videos. This former YouTube prankster has matured into a multifaceted personality, navigating family life, music, and social media success with a newfound perspective. Let’s explore the remarkable journey of KidBehindACamera:

Early YouTube Days and TheAngryGrandpaShow:

KidBehindACamera, then only a teenager, launched his YouTube channel in 2007. His claim to fame came with “TheAngryGrandpaShow,” a series featuring his real-life grandfather. While controversial for its sometimes outrageous pranks and Grandpa’s fiery personality, the show garnered millions of followers, propelling KidBehindACamera to YouTube stardom.

Beyond Pranks: Music and Creative Pursuits:

However, KidBehindACamera wasn’t content with being solely known for pranks. He explored his musical side under the alias “Lyricoldrap,” releasing rap and hip-hop tracks. He also dabbled in acting, appearing in movies like “Boo 2! A Madea Halloween” and “A Haunted House 2.” This versatility showcased his talents beyond the prankster persona.

Family Life and Changing Priorities:

In 2017, KidBehindACamera married Bridgette West, and in 2019, they welcomed their daughter, Mia. Parenthood significantly impacted his content, shifting his focus towards family-friendly videos and vlogging about daily life. The “Angry Grandpa” character faded into the background as he embraced his role as a husband and father.

Continued Presence on Social Media:

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Despite the change in content, KidBehindACamera remains active on social media. His YouTube channel boasts over 11 million subscribers, where he interacts with fans, shares family moments, and even posts occasional musical ventures. He’s also found a strong presence on Instagram and Twitter, maintaining his connection with his loyal fanbase.

A Different Kind of Fame:

KidBehindACamera’s journey highlights the ever-evolving nature of online fame. From the shock-factor pranks of his early days to the heartwarming family vlog of today, he’s navigated the internet’s unpredictable landscape with resilience and adaptability. His story is a testament to the importance of personal growth, embracing new creative outlets, and staying true to oneself while finding a balance between online success and a fulfilling personal life.

House Address Charleston, South Carolina
KidBehindACamera Phone Number +1(845)552-9460
KidBehindACamera Email ID


Social Media Accounts of Content Creator ‘KidBehindACamera’
TikTok Account
Twitter Account
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Personal Facts and Figures
Birthday/Birth Date June 2, 1987
Place of Birth Charleston, South Carolina
Age 34 Years old
Occupation YouTuber
Height 5’9″


Business Facts
Education Yes
Total TikTok Fans/Followers 1.3 Million
Twitter Followers 312.4K
Total Instagram Followers 215k
Total YouTube Followers 2.48 Million



How old is kid behind the camera?

Michael Green, better known as KidBehindACamera, was born on June 2nd, 1987. As of today, January 24th, 2024, he is 36 years old.

How many kids does Michael Green have?

Michael Green and his wife Bridgette have one daughter, Mia, who was born in 2019.

How old was Angry Grandpa when he died?

Angry Grandpa, whose real name was Charles Marvin Green Jr., passed away on December 10th, 2017, at the age of 67.

How old are Michael Green’s kids?

As mentioned previously, Michael Green only has one child, Mia, who was born in 2019. Therefore, Mia is currently 4 years old.

Where is pickle boy from?

“Pickleboy” was one of Michael Green’s online aliases, particularly used during his early YouTube days. Therefore, “Pickleboy” doesn’t have a specific geographical origin, but it represents a persona associated with Michael Green’s online presence.

Was Angry Grandpa in the military?

There is no confirmed information about Angry Grandpa, Charles Green Jr., having served in the military. While some sources speculate about possible service based on certain videos, this hasn’t been officially verified.

How tall is Michael Green?

Michael Green’s exact height is not publicly available information. Some online sources estimate it to be around 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 meters).

What disease did Angry Grandpa have?

Angry Grandpa suffered from several health issues throughout his life, including congestive heart failure, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), and diabetes. His death in 2017 was attributed to pneumonia, but other underlying conditions likely contributed.

What is Angry Grandpa real name?

Angry Grandpa’s real name was Charles Marvin Green Jr..

Is the Angry Grandpa alive?

No, unfortunately. Angry Grandpa, Charles Green Jr., passed away on December 10th, 2017, as mentioned earlier.


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