Kai Cenat Phone Number, Addresss, Biography, and More

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Kai Cenat Phone Number, Addresss, Biography, and More

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From Education to Entertainment:

Born in 2001, Kai Cenat III began his journey not on the virtual stage, but in the concrete halls of the State University of New York at Morrisville. While pursuing his education, he discovered a passion for creating comedic content that resonated with online audiences. His talent for humor and relatable personality soon went viral, catapulting him to internet fame.

Twitch Triumph and YouTube Takeover:

Cenat’s true domain lies on Twitch, where he reigns as the platform’s most subscribed star, boasting over 7 million active followers. His channel is a vibrant hub of laughter, fueled by live streams that blend gaming, particularly GTA, with witty banter and interaction with his fans.

But Cenat’s reach extends beyond Twitch. His YouTube channel, with its 4 million subscribers, is home to hilarious skits, engaging vlogs, and even his foray into music.

Collaboration and Community:

Cenat understands the power of collaboration. He’s a member of the “AMP” (Any Means Possible) group, known for their collective online clout. He’s also teamed up with fellow influencers like IShowSpeed, iDion, and even rapper NLE Choppa, creating unique content that expands his reach and entertains his diverse fanbase.

Music in the Making:

Cenat’s creative spirit isn’t limited to comedy and gaming. He’s also a budding rapper, releasing his own tracks on YouTube and SoundCloud. With plans for a studio album on the horizon, his musical journey adds another layer to his multifaceted online persona.


Born on December 16, 2001, Kai Carlo Cenat III, a 21-year-old social media sensation, is celebrated for his Twitch and YouTube live streams. Boasting 7 million Twitch subscribers and 4 million YouTube followers, he gained fame through viral comedy skits after completing his education at the State University of New York at Morrisville. Engaging in various gaming content, especially GTA games, Kai actively interacts with his massive fan base on Instagram and TikTok. A member of the AMP group, he collaborates with influencers like IShowSpeed and iDion, as well as ventured into the music scene, teaming up with NLE Choppa and releasing rap songs on platforms like YouTube and SoundCloud. Stay tuned for his upcoming studio album, promising more captivating rap tracks.

Kai Cenat Phone Number, Addresss, Biography, and More


Kai Cenat Addresses
House Address Kai Cenat, The Bronx, New York City, United States of America.
Present Address Twitch Star Kai Cenat (Kai Carlo Cenat III), The Bronx, New York (NY), United States (US).


Influencer Kai Cenat Phone Number Contact
Kai Cenat Phone Number 4G SIM Local Network Number +1 347 161 KAI 00CT NUMB.
Twitch Star Kai Cenat Business Contact Number +1 347 161 KAI 00CT
WhatsApp Number of Kai Cenat Active
Cenat aka KC3 Email Account kaicenat@gmail.com


Social Media Accounts of American Influencer “Kai Cenat”
Twitter Account https://twitter.com/KaiCenat (Verified)
Instagram Account https://www.instagram.com/kaicenat/ (Verified)
Twitch TV Address https://twitch.tv/kaicenat/
Wiki Profile https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kai_Cenat
Web Address https://kaicenat.com
TikTok ID https://www.tiktok.com/@kai_cenat


Cenat lives with his family in New York City.
Siblings include two brothers (Kaleel and Devonte) and a sister (Kaia). Mother is a housewife, and father is a businessperson.



Net Worth
Current net worth is $15 million. Revenue generated through Twitch Network and YouTube monetization.


Personal Facts and Figures
Birthday/Birth Date: December 16, 2001 Place of Birth: New York
Relationship Status: Single Total Children: 0
Age: 21 Years old Occupation: Influencer, Singer


Business Facts/Figures
Salary: Social Media, YouTube Ads, Brand Endorsements Net Worth: $15 million
Education: State University of New York at Morrisville Twitter Followers: 1.6M
Instagram Followers: 6M

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