Michael Jordan Phone Number, Email, Address and Bio

Discover exclusive details with Michael Jordan’s phone number. Uncover the legendary basketball icon’s contact information and explore insights into the life of the basketball legend.

Embark on a journey to unveil the private side of the basketball legend. Dive into exclusive details, including Michael Jordan’s phone number, and gain unique insights into the life of the iconic athlete.

Michael Jordan Phone Number, Email, Address and Bio

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Michael Jordan, the iconic Chicago Bulls legend and global basketball icon, remains a captivating figure even decades after retiring from the court. From soaring dunks to legendary sneakers, his influence transcends the sport, sparking curiosity about his current ventures and outreach. However, securing his direct contact information proves elusive, shrouded in layers of privacy and professional representation.

Michael Jordan Phone Number, Email, Address and Bio

Michael Jordan real name Michael Jeffrey Jordan
Updated Michael Jordan phone number 202-721-9507 (Jump 23, Inc.); (704) 262-2287
Michael Jordan WhatsApp number 202-721-9507 (Jump 23, Inc.); (704) 262-2287
Michael Jordan texting number 202-721-9507 (Jump 23, Inc.); (704) 262-2287
Michael Jordan email ID michaeljordaninfo@jumpdc.com
Michael Jordan website michaeljordansworld.com
Michael Jordan house address/ Residence address Michael Jordan, Brooklyn, New York, United States; Michael Jeffrey Jordan ‘The Bears Club’, Jupiter, Florida, United States
Michael Jordan fan mail address/ Autograph address Michael Jordan, c/o Jump 23, Inc., 5335 Wisconsin Ave. NW, Suite 720, Washington DC, 20015-2092, USA; Michael Jordan C/o. Spectrum Center, 333 E Trade St., Charlotte, NC 28202-4599, USA
Birthplace Brooklyn, New York, U.S.

Official Channels:

While directly contacting Michael Jordan might be challenging, several official channels offer glimpses into his current life and endeavors. His website, https://nextstepnow.org/info-usa0015087120.html, serves as a central hub, showcasing his business interests, charitable initiatives, and even a glimpse into his personal collection of memorabilia. Following his verified social media accounts on platforms like Instagram (@mjflight) and Twitter (@Jumpman23) provides updates on his brand endorsements, appearances, and occasional inspirational messages.

Reaching the Inner Circle:

Connecting with Michael Jordan on a personal level typically requires navigating through layers of representation. His agent, David Falk, manages his business affairs and major collaborations. For business inquiries, contacting his company, Jumpman LLC, through their official website (https://nextstepnow.org/info-usa0015087120.html) might be the most appropriate route. Similarly, requests for charitable involvement or event appearances should be directed through his foundation, the Michael & Juanita Jordan Endowment (https://www.jordan-younginstitute.com/contact-us-orthopedic-surgeon-virginia.html).

Alternatives and Fan Engagement:

Although direct contact with Michael Jordan himself might be limited, alternative avenues offer ways to connect with his legacy and engage with his vibrant fan community. Joining fan forums and online communities dedicated to the legend allows you to discuss, celebrate, and analyze his impact on the game. Additionally, attending public events or gatherings organized by his brand sponsors or charitable initiatives might offer rare chances to be in his vicinity, albeit briefly.

Respecting Boundaries:

While the allure of contacting Michael Jordan directly is understandable, it’s crucial to prioritize his privacy and respect the established channels of communication. Bombarding him with personal messages or requests through unofficial means can be intrusive and counterproductive. Remember, appreciating his contributions from afar and engaging with his official platforms often proves the most rewarding way to stay connected to the basketball legend.

By understanding the limitations and exploring alternative avenues, you can navigate the landscape of Michael Jordan’s contact information effectively. While a direct line might be out of reach, his official channels, professional representation, and vibrant fan community offer ample ways to stay informed, inspired, and connected to the legacy of His Airness.


How can I contact Michael Jordan?

While directly contacting Michael Jordan himself can be challenging, several official channels offer ways to connect with him indirectly or stay updated on his activities:

  • Website: His website, https://nextstepnow.org/info-usa0015087120.html, serves as a central hub for his business ventures, charitable initiatives, and even glimpses into his personal collection.
  • Social Media: Follow his verified accounts on platforms like Instagram (@mjflight) and Twitter (@Jumpman23) for updates on brand endorsements, appearances, and occasional inspirational messages.
  • Professional Representation: For business inquiries, reach out to his company, Jumpman LLC, through their website. Similarly, requests for charity involvement or events should be directed through his foundation, the Michael & Juanita Jordan Endowment.

Remember, respecting his privacy and utilizing official channels are key to navigating contact with Michael Jordan.

Is Jordan number 23?

Yes, Michael Jordan is most famously associated with the number 23, which he wore throughout his iconic Chicago Bulls career. It became synonymous with his legendary achievements and remains a symbol of basketball excellence.

What is Michael Jordan’s lucky number?

While Michael Jordan has mentioned enjoying the number 23, he hasn’t explicitly expressed a specific “lucky number” belief. His success likely stemmed from hard work, dedication, and undeniable talent, rather than relying solely on numerology.

Is Michael Jordan number 12?

Michael Jordan actually wore the number 12 during his first season with the Chicago Bulls as his original choice, 23, was unavailable. He briefly returned to 12 after his comeback from baseball but ultimately switched back to 23, cementing its place as his signature number.

Can I send a letter to Michael Jordan?

You can attempt to send a letter to Michael Jordan through his company, Jumpman LLC, using the address listed on their website.

Why does LeBron wear 23?

LeBron James, another basketball legend, chose to wear number 23 as a tribute to Michael Jordan and his immense influence on the game. He expressed wanting to carry on the legacy and inspire future generations the way Jordan inspired him.

Who wears 45 in the NBA?

Several players have worn the number 45 in the NBA over the years. Currently, Donte DiVincenzo of the Sacramento Kings and Jalen Suggs of the Orlando Magic sport the number.

Why did MJ wear 12?

As mentioned earlier, Michael Jordan wore number 12 during his first Bulls season and briefly after his baseball hiatus. The official reason was that number 23 was already assigned to teammate Ron Harper.

Why did LeBron wear 6?

Before switching back to 23 in 2014, LeBron James wore number 6 for the Miami Heat during his four-year championship run. He chose it as a tribute to Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan, combining their respective numbers, 32 and 23.

Can Michael Jordan dunk?

While Michael Jordan is now in his 60s, his dunking prowess remains legendary. He was renowned for his gravity-defying slams throughout his career and even participated in the Slam Dunk Contest twice, winning it in 1988. So, even if he might not be soaring as high these days, the answer to your question is a resounding yes!

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