Havan Flores Phone Number, Socia Media Accounts and Biograpy

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Havan Flores Phone Number, Socia Media Accounts and Biograpy

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Who is Havan Flores?

Havan Flores is a young actress, voice actress, and model making waves in the entertainment world. You might recognize her from the popular Nickelodeon show “Danger Force,” where she plays the energetic superhero Volt! But Havan’s journey started long before capes and costumes.

Early Life and Passions:

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Born in Oklahoma in 2007, Havan wasn’t just any ordinary kid. She loved to sing, dance, and move with natural athleticism. Her mom, noticing her talent, enrolled her in acting and singing classes. This decision opened doors, leading Havan to land a lead role in a community theater play.

From Modeling to Superhero:

Havan’s bright smile and natural beauty caught the eye of the modeling world. By 2018, she was walking the runway for Gap’s fall collection designed by Sarah Jessica Parker! But acting remained her passion. In 2019, she landed roles in short films like “Harmonica Man” and “Pigeon,” showcasing her acting chops.

Nickelodeon Breakthrough:

The big break came in 2020 when Havan joined the cast of Nickelodeon’s “Henry Danger.” She played Chapa De Silva, a character who later transforms into the super-powered Volt in the spin-off series “Danger Force.” This role rocketed Havan to fame, earning her nominations for prestigious awards like the Young Entertainer Award.

What’s Next for Havan?

At just 16 years old, Havan’s future is bright. She’s not afraid of challenges, expressing her desire to explore roles in action, comedy, horror, and even martial arts films. With her talent, determination, and infectious energy, there’s no doubt this young star will continue to shine on our screens for years to come.

Havan Flores Phone Number, Socia Media Accounts and Biograpy

nformation Contact Details
Havan Flores Phone Number +1(228)390-7239
New Havan Flores Phone Number +1(228)390-7239
New Havan Flores Phone Number +1(228)390-7239
Havan Flores WhatsApp Number +1(228)390-7239
Havan Flores House Address Oklahoma
Instagram Id @havanflores
Current Instagram followers 342K
Facebook page Havan flores
Current Facebook followers 44K
YouTube Channel havan flores
Current YouTube Subscribers 8K


How old is Chapa in Danger Force?

Chapa De Silva’s age in Danger Force is never explicitly mentioned in the show. However, given that Havan Flores, the actress who portrays her, was born in 2007, and Chapa is portrayed as a teenager, we can estimate Chapa’s age to be around 13-16 years old.

How did Havan Flores become famous?

Havan Flores gained recognition primarily through her role as Chapa De Silva, later becoming Volt, in the Nickelodeon series “Danger Force.” This came after she landed roles in short films and appeared as a model for brands like Gap.

Who is Havan Flores best friend?

Havan Flores hasn’t publicly revealed her best friend. However, she has close relationships with her co-stars on “Danger Force,” particularly Luca Lucado (Mika) and Terrence Terrell (Boseman).

What movies has Havan Flores been in?

Havan Flores’ acting credits primarily include television series, including “Danger Force,” “Henry Danger,” and short films like “Harmonica Man” and “Pigeon.” She hasn’t starred in any major feature films yet.

Who is dating in Danger Force?

The characters in “Danger Force” are primarily teenagers and the show doesn’t focus on romantic relationships. Therefore, there aren’t any established couples or confirmed dating within the show.

What gender is Chapa?

Chapa De Silva identifies as female.

Who is the richest actor in Henry danger?

Determining the “richest” actor from “Henry Danger” is difficult and subjective, as financial information of individual actors is private. However, Jace Norman, who played Henry Danger, is likely among the highest-paid due to his starring role and popularity.

How old was Jace Norman in Henry danger?

Jace Norman was 13 years old when he began playing Henry Hart in “Henry Danger,” which continued for five seasons. He aged throughout the show, finishing at 18 years old.

What is Volt’s real name from Danger Force?

Volt’s real name in Danger Force is Chapa De Silva. When empowered by her special ability, she transforms into the superhero Volt.

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