Cyrus Dobre Phone Number, Biography and Email Address

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Cyrus Dobre Phone Number, Biography and Email Address

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Cyrus Dobre, you might know him best as half of the viral “Dobre Brothers” duo, but this TikTok titan has carved his own path to internet fame. With smooth dance moves, catchy tunes, and a contagious smile, Cyrus is taking the digital world by storm.

Dobre Beginnings:

Born in Maryland in 1993, Cyrus and his twin brother Lucas got their start on YouTube with their family’s channel. Hilarious pranks, daring stunts, and epic challenges catapulted them to internet stardom. But after venturing out on their own, Cyrus discovered a hidden talent: music.

Singing His Way to the Top:

Cyrus ain’t afraid to belt out a tune. His music blends pop, Latin, and island vibes, with lyrics that speak of love, life, and overcoming obstacles. Hits like “Goin’ Up,” “Bye Bye,” and “Reina” have racked up millions of streams, proving he’s more than just a pretty face with slick moves.

TikTok Takeover:

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But it’s TikTok where Cyrus truly shines. His dance videos are electrifying, his smile is infectious, and his playful personality shines through every post. With over 10 million followers and 125 million likes, Cyrus is a bona fide TikTok kingpin, inspiring creators and captivating audiences worldwide.

Beyond the Screen:

Cyrus is more than just an online persona. He’s a family man, devoted to his siblings and fans. He uses his platform to spread positivity and encourage others to follow their dreams. Whether it’s through his music, dance videos, or genuine connection with his followers, Cyrus shows that internet fame can be used for good.

Cyrus Dobre Phone Number, Biography and Email Address

Cyrus Dobre Addresses
House Address Cyrus Dobre, Hagerstown, Maryland


Cyrus Dobre Contact Details
Phone Number +1(801)405-9214


Social Media Accounts
Facebook Cyrus Dobre on Facebook
Twitter Cyrus Dobre on Twitter
Instagram Cyrus Dobre on Instagram
YouTube Channel Cyrus Dobre on YouTube


Personal Facts and Figures
Birthday/Birth Date 09 – 03 – 1993
Place of Birth Hagerstown, Maryland
Age 28 Years old
Occupation YouTuber
Height 5 ’ 8 ″


Business Facts
Net worth $4 million
Education Yes


Social Media Statistics
Facebook Fans 12,254
Twitter Followers 118K
Instagram Followers 1.5 Million


Who is Cyrus Dobres ex wife?

Cyrus Dobre was married to Christina Kalamvokis from 2018 to 2020. They announced their separation in a video called “We Broke Up…” and have remained friends since then.

Where is Darius Dobre?

Darius Dobre lives in Los Angeles, California with his brothers and fellow content creators. He remains actively involved in creating content for their Youtube channel and the Dobre Brothers brand.

What does Cyrus Dobre do for a living?

Cyrus Dobre is a multi-faceted content creator and entertainer. He primarily works on creating content for his own TikTok and Youtube channels, focusing on music, dance, pranks, and challenges. He also pursues his music career as a singer and songwriter, releasing singles and collaborating with other artists.

Does Cyrus have a gf?

As of January 2024, Cyrus Dobre’s relationship status is not publicly confirmed. He hasn’t shared any recent information about being in a relationship on social media or interviews.

Are the Dobre twins adopted?

No, the Dobre twins, Cyrus and Lucas, are not adopted. They are biological brothers born to Pau and Aurelia Dobre in Maryland. They have three other siblings, Marcus, Darius, and Claudia.

Did Maddie and Darius break up?

Yes, Darius Dobre and his former girlfriend, Madison Beer, broke up in 2020. They were in a relationship for several years before amicably parting ways.

What age is Cyrus?

Cyrus Dobre was born on February 10, 1993. As of January 2024, he is 30 years old.

How famous are the Dobre Brothers?

The Dobre Brothers, including Cyrus and Lucas, are incredibly famous on social media. Their Youtube channel boasts over 27 million subscribers and 6 billion views, while their TikTok accounts collectively have over 40 million followers and billions of likes. They’ve also built a loyal fanbase across Instagram and other platforms, solidifying their status as leading internet personalities.

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