Carter Sharer Phone Number, House Address, Email Address, WhatsApp Number and Biography

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Carter Sharer Phone Number, House Address, Email Address, WhatsApp Number and Biography

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Carter Sharer, born in 1993, is an American YouTuber known for his engaging and diverse video content. His channel boasts millions of subscribers, captivated by his DIY projects, vlogs, challenges, experiments, and adventures. But before his online fame, Carter pursued a different path.

Early Life and Education:

Carter’s journey began in Virginia, where he attended Oakton High School. After graduating in 2012, he embarked on a challenging academic pursuit, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in mechatronics, robotics, and automation engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. This prestigious institution signifies Carter’s intellectual prowess and technical expertise.

YouTube Journey and Content Creation:

While still a student, Carter launched his YouTube channel in 2009, initially experimenting with different content formats. However, his breakthrough arrived in 2017 when he began creating videos full-time with his brother, Stephen Sharer. Their collaborative effort ignited their channel’s growth, attracting viewers with their unique blend of humor, creativity, and ingenuity.

Team RAR and Beyond:

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Carter, along with his brother Stephen, Lizzy Capri, and Stoves Kitchen, co-founded Team RAR. This creator collective allows them to collaborate on exciting projects and content, further engaging their audience. Beyond YouTube, Carter’s ventures include investing in other creators and exploring diverse business opportunities.

Personal Life and Impact:

Carter prioritizes his privacy and keeps his personal life largely out of the public eye. However, he openly shares his passion for engineering and technology, often incorporating it into his videos. His educational background and creative spirit inspire viewers, particularly those pursuing STEM fields.

Looking Ahead:

Carter Sharer continues to push the boundaries of content creation, captivating audiences and fostering a sense of community. His diverse skillset, coupled with his dedication and creativity, paves the way for his continued success as a YouTube personality and an inspirational figure for many.

Carter Sharer Phone Number, House Address, Email Address, WhatsApp Number and Biography

  • Carter Sharer Phone Numbers
    • +1(315)903-7798
    • +1(315)876-XXXX
    • +1(315)561-XXXX
  • Carter Sharer WhatsApp Number
    • +1(315)876-XXXX
  • Carter Sharer House Address
    • Oakton, Virginia
  • Carter Sharer Email Address

Carter Sharer Social Profiles:

  • Instagram: @cartersharer (Followers: 923k)

  • Facebook: Carter Sharer (Followers: 165K)
  • Twitter: @CarterSharer (Followers: 17K)
  • YouTube Channel: Carter Sharer (Subscribers: 13 Million – All Channels Combined)
  • YouTube Shorts: Carter Sharer
  • TikTok: @realcartersharer (Followers: 6.1 Million)


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