Jace Norman Phone Number, WhatsApp Number, Email ID, Bio and House Address

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Jace Norman Phone Number, WhatsApp Number, Email ID, Bio and House Address

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Meet Jace Norman, a talented young actor who has captivated audiences with his infectious smile and playful spirit. With leading roles in hit Nickelodeon shows like Henry Danger and Danger Force, he’s become a beloved figure for viewers of all ages. But who is the charismatic kid behind the characters? Let’s embark on a journey through Jace Norman’s biography and discover the magic he brings to the screen!

Early Days and Discovering a Passion:

Born in Corrales, New Mexico, in 2000, Jace’s journey began far from the Hollywood spotlight. At a young age, he discovered a love for performing, expressing his creativity through imaginative play and storytelling. When he moved to California at the age of 8, his passion only grew, leading him to pursue acting lessons and auditions.

From First Gig to Gigantic Success:

Jace’s career kickstarted with a guest appearance on Disney’s “Jessie” in 2012. But it was his starring role as Henry Hart in Henry Danger from 2014 to 2020 that propelled him to stardom. This superhero comedy showcased his comedic timing, charm, and ability to portray relatable characters facing everyday challenges with a humorous twist.

Beyond Henry Danger: Exploring New Worlds:

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While Henry Danger might be his most iconic role, Jace’s talent wasn’t confined to one character. He ventured into voice acting, playing the lead role in the animated film Spark, and explored various film and TV projects like Rufus and Splitting Adam. He even co-produced several episodes of Danger Force, a spin-off of his hit series.

More Than Just an Actor: Embracing Creativity and Kindness:

Jace isn’t just a talented performer; he’s also a positive role model. He actively uses his platform to promote kindness, respect, and embracing individuality. He inspires young fans to follow their dreams and express their creativity, often sharing glimpses into his own behind-the-scenes experiences.

A Bright Future Filled with Laughter and Adventure:

With his infectious energy, dedication to his craft, and genuine connection with his audience, Jace Norman is undeniably a star on the rise. What adventures and characters await him next? Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure: his journey will be filled with laughter, imagination, and a whole lot of fun!

Jace Norman Phone Number, WhatsApp Number, Email ID, Bio and House Address

Information Details
Old Phone Number +1(906)256-1400
New Phone Number +1(906)249-XXXX
2nd Phone Number +1(906)513-XXXX
WhatsApp Number +1(906)256-1400
House Address Los Angeles
Email Id jaceleenorman@gmail.com
Instagram Id @jacenorman
Instagram Followers 5.3 Million
Facebook Page Jace Norman
Facebook Followers 180
Twitter Id @Jacenorman
Twitter Followers 305K
YouTube Channel Jace Norman
YouTube Subscribers 962K
TikTok Account @jacenorman
TikTok Followers 2.6 Million


How old is Jace in Henry Danger?

In Henry Danger, Jace’s character, Henry Hart, starts at 13 and ages throughout the series.

What is Jace Norman’s real name?

Jace Norman is his stage name. His real name is Candace, but he prefers his professional persona.

Who is Henry Hart’s best friend?

Henry Hart’s best friend in the show is Ray Manchester, also known as Captain Man’s sidekick, Kid Danger.

What ended Henry Danger?

The show’s creators decided to conclude the story after five seasons.

Does Jace Norman have a baby?

No, Jace Norman does not have a baby.

Is Jace Norman in the Thundermans?

No, Jace Norman wasn’t part of the main cast of The Thundermans.

What is Jace Norman’s disability?

Jace Norman has dyslexia, a learning difference that affects reading and writing. He openly shares his experiences to raise awareness and encourage others with dyslexia.

Does Babe have a crush on Henry?

In the show, Babe shows signs of admiration for Henry, but it’s more playful than a serious crush.

Are Charlotte and Henry dating?

Charlotte and Henry have a close friendship, but their relationship never officially becomes romantic in the show.


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