Sofie Dossi Phone Number, Contact Address, Bio and Fan Mail

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Sofie Dossi Phone Number, Contact Address, Bio and Fan Mail


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Imagine shooting an arrow while contorted in a human pretzel, or squeezing into a box not much bigger than a shoebox. That’s just a day in the life of Sofie Dossi, a 22-year-old contortionist and internet sensation, whose mind-bending talent and infectious energy have captivated audiences worldwide.

From Gymnastics to Global Stage:

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Born and raised in California, Sofie’s journey began at a young age. Combining her love for gymnastics and dance, she discovered a knack for contortion at just 12 years old. Years of intense training and unwavering dedication honed her skills, turning her into a human Gumby with seemingly unlimited flexibility.

In 2016, Sofie’s talent burst onto the global stage during season 11 of America’s Got Talent. Her jaw-dropping performances, featuring acts like eating an apple with her feet and contorting into tiny spaces, stunned judges and viewers alike. She earned the coveted Golden Buzzer, propelling her to the finals and launching her meteoric rise to fame.

Beyond Bending Bars:

But Sofie is more than just a contortionist. She’s a talented singer, dancer, and aerialist, showcasing her diverse skillset on her popular YouTube channel, where she has over 8 million subscribers. Her engaging videos blend challenges, pranks, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into her life, offering a relatable and inspiring window into the world of a young artist pushing boundaries.

Inspiration and Advocacy:

Beyond entertaining, Sofie uses her platform to inspire others. Openly discussing her struggles with eating disorders and cyberbullying, she encourages resilience and self-acceptance, particularly among young people navigating the pressures of social media. She also actively supports various charities, advocating for causes close to her heart.

A Bright Future Ahead:

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Sofie Dossi’s story is one of dedication, passion, and defying limitations. With her talent, charisma, and positive message, she continues to break records, bend perceptions, and leave audiences in awe. Her journey is far from over, and one thing is certain: Sofie Dossi will continue to bend boundaries and inspire the world, one mind-blowing contortion at a time.

House Address:

Type Address
House Address Sofie Dossi, Cypress, California, United States


Fanmail Address / Autograph Request Address:

Type Address
Fanmail Address Sofie Dossi, Cypress, California, United States

Contact Phone Number and Contact Details:

Type Details
Sofie Dossi Phone Number +1(573)839-2009
Personal Phone Number +1(573)839-2009


Social Media Accounts of Sofie Dossi:

Platform Link/Handle
TikTok NA
Facebook Sofie Dossi Facebook
Twitter Sofie Dossi Twitter
Instagram Sofie Dossi Instagram
YouTube Sofie Dossi YouTube


Personal Facts and Figures:

Details Information
Birthday/Birth Date 21 June 2001
Place of Birth Cypress, California, United States
Age 21 Years old
Occupation YouTuber
Height 1.55 m


Business Facts:

Details Information
Salary $3 million
Net worth $3 million
Education Yes


Social Media Stats:

Platform Followers/Fans
Facebook 462K followers
Twitter 58.3K Followers
Instagram 4.4M followers
YouTube 8.59M subscribers



Why is Sofie Dossi so flexible?

Sofie’s incredible flexibility is a combination of several factors:

  • Natural Talent: She was born with naturally loose joints and ligaments, giving her a head start in the flexibility department.
  • Dedication and Training: Years of intense training in gymnastics and contortion have honed her skills and pushed her limits to unimaginable levels.
  • Unique Physique: Some research suggests her connective tissue composition might contribute to her exceptional range of motion.

Did Sofie Dossi win America’s Got Talent?

While Sofie didn’t win season 11 of America’s Got Talent, she made it to the finals and earned the coveted Golden Buzzer with her electrifying performances. This launched her career into the spotlight and made her a household name.

How old is Sofie?

As of today, January 29, 2024, Sofie is 22 years old. She began wowing audiences with her flexibility at a young age and has continued to develop her skills and entertain fans globally.

Is Sofie Dossi half Arabic?

Sofie is American of Italian and Lebanese descent. She has openly discussed her Lebanese heritage and shared her appreciation for her family’s cultural background.

Who is the most flexiblest person in the world?

Determining the “most flexible person” is subjective, as flexibility can vary in different areas of the body. However, some candidates with exceptional flexibility include:

  • Daniel Browning Smith: Known for his hypermobility and dislocatable joints, he can perform seemingly impossible contortions.
  • Gumby: While fictional, this iconic clay character remains a symbol of extreme flexibility and inspires many contortionists.
  • Sofie Dossi: Her unique skills and impressive range of motion certainly place her among the most flexible people in the world.

What is Sofie Dossi’s net worth 2023?

Sofie’s exact net worth is not publicly known. However, her successful career as a contortionist, performer, YouTuber, and brand ambassador has amassed her a significant fortune. Estimates suggest her net worth could be in the millions.

Does Sofie Dossi have a sister?

Yes, Sofie has a younger sister named Isabella. Though she keeps her family life private, she occasionally shares glimpses of their sibling bond on her social media platforms.

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