Noah Assad email ,Biography and phone number

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Noah Assad email ,Biography and phone number

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Noah Assad, the mastermind behind the meteoric rise of Puerto Rican sensation Bad Bunny, stands as a strategic genius reshaping the music industry. As a visionary manager, Assad has defied industry norms, orchestrating Bad Bunny’s unparalleled success without adhering to conventional standards.

Unveiling a Unique Partnership:

Assad and Bad Bunny form a distinct manager-artist duo, challenging the traditional trajectory to stardom. Together, they’ve pioneered a new narrative, dominating the U.S. pop mainstream and amassing over a billion streams in 2019 alone. What sets them apart is their independence from major labels, a rarity in an industry where peers often rely on colossal organizations for support.

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Noah Assad Contact Phone Number and Contact Details
Noah Assad Phone Number (787) 566-8600
Noah Assad Mobile Contact Number (787) 566-8600
Noah Assad Email ID


Social Media Accounts of Content Creator ‘Noah Assad’
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Personal Facts and Figures
Birthday/Birth Date 5 May 1990
Place of Birth Carolina, Puerto Rico
Age 32 Years old
Occupation Entrepreneur


Noah Assad Addresses
House Address Noah Assad, Carolina, Puerto Rico


Fanmail Address/Autograph Request Address
Noah Assad, Carolina, Puerto Rico


Business Facts
Salary of Noah Assad $1.5 billion
Net worth $1.5 billion
Education Yes
Twitter Followers 157.7K Followers
Total Instagram Followers 199K followers


Achievements and Background:

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Noah Assad’s journey is marked by noteworthy achievements, making him a prominent figure in various industries. From business ventures to his involvement in the music scene, Assad’s entrepreneurial spirit and artistic contributions have garnered attention. Born on April 22, 1991, in Puerto Rico, Noah Assad brings a unique blend of talents to the table, creating a diverse and captivating persona that resonates with a global audience.

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