Kidd G Phone Number, Social Media info, House address, Email ID and Biography

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Kidd G Phone Number, Social Media info, House address, Email ID and Biography

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If you’ve been grooving to catchy country-rap tunes like “Dirt Road,” then you’ve likely encountered the rising star, Kidd G. But who is this talented musician with a unique sound and even cooler name? Dive into the real biography of Kidd G, from his small-town roots to his chart-topping journey!

From Georgia Boy to Musical Mastermind:

Born Jonathan Horne in the quaint town of Hamilton, Georgia, Kidd G didn’t have stardom in his immediate plans. Music, however, always held a special place in his heart. Inspired by family members like his music-loving parents and a great-uncle who played bass for Fleetwood Mac, Kidd G started singing at a young age. By 11, he was already belting out tunes, and by 15, he was crafting his own songs, fueled by both classic country and new-age rap influences.

Bedroom Studio to Viral Fame:

Kidd G’s musical passion didn’t stay confined to his bedroom. He set up a makeshift studio and started recording with friends, drawing inspiration from artists like Juice WRLD. An early viral moment came with his heartfelt tribute to the late rapper, “Letter to Juice,” showcasing his talent and emotional depth.

Dirt Road to Billboard:

The turning point arrived with “Dirt Road,” a nostalgic ballad filled with small-town vibes and infectious melodies. The accompanying video racked up millions of views, propelling Kidd G into the spotlight. This wasn’t just a one-hit wonder, though. His music, a unique blend of country storytelling and rap swagger, resonated with audiences, landing him on prestigious platforms like the Grand Ole Opry.

Beyond the Music:

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While music fuels his passion, Kidd G is more than just a musician. He’s a role model for many, using his platform to advocate for mental health awareness. He also enjoys basketball, video games, and spending time with loved ones, showcasing his relatable and down-to-earth personality.

The Future is Bright:

At just 20 years old, Kidd G’s journey has only just begun. With his talent, dedication, and genuine connection with his fans, he’s already carved his name in the music scene. Whether you’re a country fan, a rap enthusiast, or simply enjoy good music, keep an eye on Kidd G – he’s definitely one to watch in the years to come!

Kidd G Phone Number, Social Media info, House address, Email ID and Biography


Category Information
Kidd G Phone Number +1(706)703-4217
Kidd G House Address Hamilton, Georgia
Kidd G Email Id
Kidd G Website
Instagram Id @the.kiddg
Current Instagram Followers 482K
Facebook page @the.kidd.g03
Current Facebook Followers 24K
Twitter Id @the_kiddg
Current Twitter Followers 2K
YouTube Channel KIDD G
Current YouTube Subscribers 462K


What made Kidd G famous?

An image of Kidd G

His breakout hit, “Dirt Road,” gained traction on TikTok and reached Billboard’s Top Country Songs chart.

How old is Kidd G now in 2023?

Kidd G was born in 2003, making him 20 years old in 2023.

What type of music does Kidd G sing?

Kidd G blends genres, primarily mixing country with hip-hop and pop.

What’s Kidd G’s real name?

Kidd G’s real name is Jonathan Horne.

What age did Kidd G start singing?

Kidd G started creating his own songs at the age of 15.

Is Kidd G a rapper?

While his music incorporates hip-hop elements, Kidd G primarily identifies as a singer-songwriter.

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