FunnyMike Phone Number, WhatsApp Number, House Address and Biograph

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FunnyMike Phone Number, WhatsApp Number, House Address and Biography

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FunnyMike, born MacArthur Johnson in 1996, has carved a unique path in the online entertainment sphere. From his early days creating viral content on Vine to his current multi-channel presence on YouTube, he has established himself as a comedian, rapper, and social media influencer with a loyal fanbase.

Early Beginnings and Viral Success:

FunnyMike’s journey began on the now-defunct platform Vine, where he found success with his short, comedic skits and celebrity impressions. His witty observations and funny characters resonated with viewers, propelling him to viral fame. With millions of views and a growing fanbase, FunnyMike solidified his online presence.

Expanding Horizons: YouTube and Beyond:

Recognizing the evolving digital landscape, FunnyMike transitioned to YouTube in 2016. He established his self-titled channel, where he continues to upload entertaining content, including pranks, challenges, and vlogs. His channel has garnered millions of subscribers, and his playful personality and comedic timing keep viewers engaged.

Not Just a Comedian: Exploring Music and Family:

FunnyMike’s talents extend beyond comedy. He has ventured into music, releasing rap songs and collaborating with other artists. He also showcases his musical side on his “FunnyMike Gaming” channel, where he streams games and interacts with viewers.

Further showcasing his multifaceted personality, FunnyMike runs the channel “MJ Family” with his girlfriend, Jaliyah Monet. This channel offers a glimpse into their daily lives and relationship, capturing the hearts of his fans who appreciate him sharing a more personal side.

A Family Man:

Beyond his online persona, FunnyMike prioritizes his family life. He is a proud father and husband, dedicated to his wife and children. This dedication to family resonates with his audience, creating a connection beyond his comedic content.

FunnyMike Phone Numbers

  • +1(270)638-9267
  • +1(270)448-XXXX
  • +1(270)804–XXXX

FunnyMike WhatsApp Number

FunnyMike House Address

  • Josephine St, Houston, Texas

FunnyMike Email Addresses

FunnyMike Website


FunnyMike Social Profiles

  • Instagram: @funnymike (Followers: 8.7 Million)
  • Facebook: FunnyMike (Followers: 2 Million)
  • Twitter: @1funnymike (Followers: 280K)
  • YouTube Channel: FunnyMike (Subscribers: 12 Million – All Channels Combined)
  • TikTok Account: @whofunnymike (Followers: 4 Million)
  • Twitch Account: miketvlive (Followers: 6K)


 How old is FunnyMike now?

FunnyMike, whose real name is MacArthur Johnson, was born on October 8, 1996, making him around 28 years old.

 How do I contact FunnyMike?

You can contact FunnyMike through his various social media platforms or through his business email addresses listed on his website.

 When did FunnyMike publish his first video?

FunnyMike began his YouTube journey by publishing his first video on May 29, 2016, marking the start of his successful career as a content creator.

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