EddieVR Phone Number, Biography and Contact Details

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EddieVR Phone Number, Biography and Contact Details

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Looking for some side-splitting laughs and heart-stopping thrills? You need to meet EddieVR! This YouTube channel, run by the hilarious entertainer Eddie, is your one-stop shop for all things virtual reality.

What’s So Special About EddieVR?

Eddie takes you on wild adventures through the craziest VR games you never knew existed. Think haunted houses that jump out at you, rollercoasters that loop you through the sky, and even face-to-face encounters with your favorite (and not-so-favorite) video game characters – all from the comfort of your own living room!

But wait, there’s more! Eddie’s not just about the screams and scares. He’s also a master storyteller, weaving in hilarious commentary and relatable reactions that make you feel like you’re right there with him in the game. You’ll be laughing so hard you’ll forget you’re wearing a headset!

Why You Should Subscribe:


  • Non-stop laughs: Eddie’s infectious energy and witty jokes will have you rolling on the floor (even if it’s virtual!).
  • Thrilling VR adventures: Explore bizarre and exciting worlds without leaving your house.
  • Real reactions: Eddie doesn’t shy away from the fear, the excitement, or the occasional puke-inducing moment. It’s like watching your best friend play VR for the first time!
  • Great for beginners: Eddie’s channel is a friendly and welcoming place for anyone curious about VR, even if you’ve never tried it before.


EddieVR Phone Number, Biography and Contact Details

Category Details
EddieVR Phone Number +1(364)201-0357
EddieVR House Address Los Angeles
EddieVR Website Eddievr-merch-shop.creator-spring.com
EddieVR Social Contacts Instagram: @sauceddie (657K followers)
Facebook: @eddievrYT (740K followers)
Twitter: @sauceddie (403K followers)
YouTube: EddieVR (7 Million subscribers)

An image of EddieVR FAQs

What is EddieVR’s real name?

He’s actually called Eduardo Saucedo, but you might know him by his online handles, Sauceddie or special edd.

How old is EddieVR?

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EddieVR is currently 31 years old (born in 1992). He brings all the energy and fun of a young gamer to his virtual reality adventures!

How old is EddieVR from the boys?

There’s some confusion here! EddieVR isn’t part of the group “The Boys” on YouTube. “The Boys” usually refers to a different group of creators like JoshDub, Mully, and JuicyFruitSnacks, though EddieVR occasionally collaborates with them.

Where does EddieVR stream?

You can catch all of EddieVR’s virtual reality fun on his two YouTube channels:

  • EddieVR: His main channel with over 7 million subscribers, where he uploads hilarious VR gameplay videos.
  • special edd: A more personal channel with vlogs, challenges, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into Eddie’s life.

How old is CXK?

Unfortunately, CXK, also known as “Crazy Kenny,” keeps his real age fairly private. We do know he started his YouTube channel in 2015, so he’s likely in his late 20s or early 30s.

Is JoshDub a millionaire?

While JoshDub’s exact net worth isn’t publicly known, his successful YouTube channel, merchandise sales, and brand sponsorships suggest he’s likely very wealthy. He might not be a billionaire, but he’s definitely doing well for himself!

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