Coryxkenshin Address, Phone Number, Bio and contact details

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Coryxkenshin Address, Phone Number, Bio and contact details

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CoryxKenshin, whose real name is Cory DeVante Williams, is a popular American YouTuber known for his hilarious and energetic playthroughs of horror games. With over 14 million subscribers, he’s one of the biggest gaming personalities on the platform. But there’s more to Cory than just scares and screams. He’s also a talented musician, a kind soul, and an inspiration to many.

From Michigan to YouTube Stardom

Cory was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1992. He created his YouTube channel, CoryxKenshin, in 2009, initially uploading videos of him playing various games. But it was his horror game playthroughs that truly launched him into stardom. His infectious laugh, witty commentary, and genuine reactions resonated with viewers, making him one of the most popular horror content creators on YouTube.

More Than Just Horror

While horror games are his bread and butter, Cory also branches out into other genres, from action-adventure to RPGs. He’s also known for his collaborations with other YouTubers, his love for anime, and his positive attitude.

Facing Challenges with a Smile

Cory has been open about his struggles with anxiety and depression. In 2020, he took a break from YouTube to focus on his mental health. His return was met with overwhelming support from his fans, who admire his honesty and courage.

A Role Model for Millions

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Cory is more than just a YouTuber; he’s a role model for many. He inspires people to be themselves, embrace their individuality, and chase their dreams. He’s also a strong advocate for mental health awareness and encourages his fans to seek help if they need it.

Coryxkenshin Address, Phone Number, Bio and contact details

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Information Details
Coryxkenshin Real Name Cory DeVante Williams
Coryxkenshin Phone Number +1(240)643-9712
Coryxkenshin WhatsApp Number +1(240)643-9712
Coryxkenshin Texting Number +1(240)643-9712
Coryxkenshin Email Address
Coryxkenshin Website
Coryxkenshin House Address Cory DeVante Williams, Detroit, Michigan, USA
Coryxkenshin Fan Mail Address Cory DeVante Williams, South Lyon, Michigan, USA
Birthplace Farmington Hills, Michigan, United States
Twitter Handle @CoryxKenshin
Instagram Handle @coryxkenshin
YouTube Channel CoryxKenshin
TikTok Account @notcoryxkenshin
Other Media Merchandise, Twitch: CoryxKenshin, Steam Group


What is CoryxKenshin’s net worth?

Estimates vary, but CoryxKenshin’s net worth is likely around $8-20 million as of February 2024. This number considers YouTube ad revenue, sponsorships, merchandise sales, and other income streams.

Why is CoryxKenshin so popular?

Several factors contribute to CoryxKenshin’s popularity:

  • Infectious Laugh and Energy: His genuine reactions and humor make his videos engaging and entertaining.
  • Horror Game Prowess: He skillfully navigates scary games, offering suspense and excitement for viewers.
  • Variety and Collaborations: He plays other genres too and collaborates with other YouTubers, keeping things fresh.
  • Positive Attitude and Openness: His honesty about mental health struggles resonates with fans and makes him relatable.

What does CoryxKenshin stand for?

There’s no specific meaning behind CoryxKenshin. It’s simply a username he created, combining his real name (Cory) with a character from the anime Rurouni Kenshin.

Which is the richest YouTuber in the world?

Determining the “richest” YouTuber is complex due to varying income sources and private finances. However, MrBeast, PewDiePie, and Mark Rober often top estimated net worth lists.

Who is the worlds richest YouTuber 2023?

As mentioned above, pinpointing the “richest” is challenging. Some sources indicate MrBeast held the top spot in 2023, but information can change quickly.

Does CoryxKenshin have teeth?

Yes, CoryxKenshin has teeth! He occasionally jokes about them online, but there’s no truth to any rumors about missing teeth.

How much money does CoryxKenshin make from YouTube?

Exact figures are unknown, but CoryxKenshin likely earns several hundred thousand dollars per year from YouTube ad revenue alone. Sponsorships, merchandise, and other ventures contribute to his overall income.

Does CoryxKenshin swear in real life?

While CoryxKenshin avoids excessive swearing in his videos, he might occasionally use mild swear words off-camera. However, he’s known for being generally respectful and mindful of his audience.

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