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CboysTV is a popular American YouTube channel known for its adventurous and comedic take on motorsports and outdoor activities. Based in Cormorant, Minnesota, the group has garnered a massive following exceeding 3.2 million subscribers. This article talks about CboysTv Phone Number, Shop Address, Email Address and Bio. Read through to get more interesting stories

Early Life and Career Beginnings:

  • Founded in 2016 by CJ Lotzer, Ryan Iwerks, Grant (Ken) Matthees, Ben Roth, and Micah Sandman, CboysTV initially focused on showcasing their passion for jet skiing, dirt biking, and other outdoor thrills on their YouTube channel.

Rise to Fame:

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  • The channel gained traction with their high-energy content featuring stunts, challenges, and comedic skits filmed around their home base of Cormorant Lake.
  • Collaborations with other YouTubers like Jake Sherbrooke further boosted their popularity.

Current Content and Success:

  • CboysTV continues to deliver exciting content, including:
    • Building and modifying vehicles like ATVs and snowmobiles.
    • Participating in motorsports events.
    • Engaging in outdoor challenges and adventures.
  • Their channel boasts over 460 videos, with individual videos reaching millions of views.

Impact and Legacy:

  • CboysTV has carved a niche in the online entertainment space, inspiring viewers with their adventurous spirit and do-it-yourself approach.
  • The group emphasizes living life to the fullest (“Life Wide Open” being their motto) and has garnered a loyal fanbase.
Type Number
CboysTv Phone Number (701) 212-8756
WhatsApp Number (701) 212-8756
Texting Number (701) 212-8756
Email ID support@cboystv.com, cormorantboystv@gmail.com
Website cboystv.com
Address Cormorant, Minnesota, Moorhead, MN, 56561 United States
Company Address Cormorant Boys, LLC Company, Moorhead, MN, 56561 United States
YouTube CboysTv
Instagram cboystv
Twitter @CboysTV
Facebook CboysTv


Where is CBoysTV located?

CBoysTV is headquartered on Cormorant Lake in Minnesota, USA.

Who is the owner of CBoysTV?

CBoysTV isn’t owned by a single person. It’s a collaborative effort by a group of friends.

How did the CBoys get their money?

Their income comes primarily from their YouTube channel through advertising, sponsorships, and their merchandise store.

Who is the team in CBoysTV?

The core team consists of:

  • CJ Lotzer
  • Ryan Iwerks
  • Grant (Ken) Matthees
  • Ben Roth
  • Micah Sandman

They sometimes collaborate with other YouTubers for specific videos.

What is Big Ken’s real name?

Big Ken’s real name is Grant Matthees.

How do the CBoys know each other?

The CBoys grew up in the Fargo, Minnesota area and met through their shared interests in outdoor activities and motorsports.

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