NLE Choppa Phone Number, Bio and Email

Memphis prodigy NLE Choppa explodes from “Shotta Flow” to hip-hop stardom. Dive into his evolution, artistry, & impact beyond music.

Get insights into the rising hip-hop sensation’s phone number and discover the bridge that links fans to his vibrant musical journey.

NLE Choppa Phone Number, Bio and Email

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NLE Choppa, with his infectious energy and captivating lyrical flow, has become a force to be reckoned with in the world of hip-hop. Rising to fame with his 2019 hit “Shotta Flow,” this young Memphis rapper has garnered millions of fans and broken through musical boundaries. Buckle up as we delve into the story of NLE Choppa, exploring his journey from the streets of Tennessee to the pinnacle of hip-hop stardom.

Early Life and Musical Beginnings

NLE Choppa, born Bryson Potts in 2002, grew up in a challenging environment in Memphis, Tennessee. Music became his escape and his voice. Initially known as YNR Choppa, he began rapping at the tender age of 14, uploading his tracks to SoundCloud. His raw talent and unflinching lyrics quickly garnered attention, catching the ears of industry heavyweights.

Shotta Flow and Catapult to Fame

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The game changer arrived in 2019 with the release of “Shotta Flow.” The infectious track went viral, amassing millions of views and propelling NLE Choppa to instant fame. His signature ad-libs, energetic delivery, and captivating visuals in the music video resonated with a global audience. The song’s success led to a record deal with Warner Records and further cemented NLE Choppa’s place as a rising star.

Evolution and Artistic Growth

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While “Shotta Flow” established NLE Choppa as a force in drill and trap, his artistry extends far beyond. Subsequent releases like “Camelot” and “Walk Em Down” showcased his versatility, embracing melodic hooks and introspective verses. Debut album “Top Shotta” solidified his mainstream presence, featuring collaborations with established artists like Lil Baby and Roddy Ricch.

Beyond the Music

NLE Choppa’s influence extends beyond music. He’s become a role model for young people, advocating for financial literacy and education. He launched his own label, No Love Entertainment, fostering aspiring artists in his community. His philanthropic efforts through the NLE Choppa Foundation empower youth and support various causes.

Looking Ahead

At just 21 years old, NLE Choppa has already achieved remarkable success. His talent, dedication, and commitment to social responsibility set him apart. With his ever-evolving sound and infectious energy, NLE Choppa is poised to continue pushing boundaries and leave a lasting mark on the music industry.

NLE Choppa Phone Number, Bio and Email

Real Name Bryson Lashun Potts
Parents Jamaican mother Angeleta Ellis Potts, Nigerian Father
Family Location Memphis, Tennessee
Education Cordova High School
Aliases YNR Choppa, Baby Mexico, Awakened Choppa
Daughter Clover (with ex-girlfriend Mariah)


Previous Partner Yung Blasian
Current/Ex Partner Mariah (Gorgeeoussss on Instagram)
Daughter Clover


Net Worth
Estimated Net Worth $6 million dollars
Income Sources Rap songs, brand endorsements


Birth Date November 1, 2002
Age 19 Years old
Zodiac Sign Scorpio


Contact Details
House Address Bryson Lashun Potts AKA NLE CHOPPA, Memphis, Tennessee, United States
Residence Location Memphis, Tennessee
Phone Number +1 310 877 NLE NUMB (Public, Registered with an American network)
WhatsApp Number Available for business and fan inquiries
Email Account


Social Media
Twitter NLE Choppa on Twitter
Instagram NLE Choppa on Instagram (Verified)
TikTok NLE Choppa on TikTok (Verified)
YouTube NLE Choppa on YouTube
SoundCloud NLE Choppa on SoundCloud
Official Website NLE Choppa’s Official Website
Facebook NLE Choppa on Facebook


Personal Facts
Real Name Bryson Lashun Potts
Birth Date November 1, 2002
Birthplace Memphis, Tennessee
Age 19 Years old
Occupation Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, Internet Personality
Height 5’8 feet
Income Source YouTube, Rap Songs, Brand Endorsements
Net Worth $6 million dollars
Education Cordova High School
Instagram Followers 5M
TikTok Followers 20M



What does NLE stand for rapper?

NLE stands for No Love Entertainment, the name of the label and collective founded by NLE Choppa. It signifies his dedication to supporting up-and-coming artists from his community.

Is Choppa Vegan?

There’s no definitive information on whether NLE Choppa is vegan. He hasn’t publicly confirmed or denied following a vegan diet.

Where is Nelly Choppa from?

There’s likely confusion here. Nelly is a separate rapper from St. Louis, Missouri, while NLE Choppa is from Memphis, Tennessee. They are not the same person.

What does Lil stand for in rap?

“Lil” in rap commonly acts as a prefix denoting youth or association with a particular group, not an acronym. It’s often used figuratively, like Lil Wayne or Lil Baby.

What is the best rapper RN?

Determining the “best” rapper is subjective and depends on personal preferences and musical styles. There are countless talented artists, each with their own strengths and unique approach. Enjoying a diverse range of rap music is always encouraged!

Does NLE have any charges?

NLE Choppa has faced legal issues in the past, including firearm charges and marijuana possession. However, the details and current status of those cases are best researched through verified legal sources.

Who is NLE Choppa’s manager?

NLE Choppa’s manager is currently Mark Robinson, who also manages other celebrities like Meek Mill and Cardi B.

Is NLE Choppa signed to a label?

Yes, NLE Choppa is signed to Warner Records. He launched his own independent label, No Love Entertainment, within Warner, aiming to empower underrepresented artists.

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